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The Collapse Of eBay Inc EmpireSince 2004 our other website eBayMotorsSucks.com has been advising consumers how to avoid Internet Car Scams and Vehicle Seller Misrepresentation.

Lots of that kind of fraud and raw car deals are still going on these days, after 11 years of eBay watching and documenting auction fraud and bad seller misrepresentation.

Lets face it, eBay can not stand it's members criticizing their operation. eBay unjustly suspended my "DocsQualityCars" sellers account in 2006.

Soon afterward i registered this domain to vent about my experience. Kept it for a year or two and let it expire.

Early in 2014 just for curiosity i did a whois search on suspendedfromebay.com and found GoDaddy had it for sale. They were asking something like $100,000 for it. A few months later I checked again and GoDaddy had dropped suspendedfromebay.com and it was available to register. I put up a $10 spot and grabbed it thinking it was a good investment!

I would think there are plenty of small eBay core sellers that got suspended or selling privileges denied because of eBay CEO John Donahoe's destructive innovation.

If you want to tell your eBay story please visit our classic forum and post your opinion about eBay Inc $EBAY or Its CEO John Donahoe. There are no trolls or forum shills trying to discredit your opinion.

In my personal opinion I believe John Donahoe destroyed his perfectly good eBay Marketplace chasing after Amazon.com and trying to turn his classic successful eBay auction website into an Amazon clone.

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