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Suspended From eBay Blog HomeWhat’s Your eBay Story? Tell us how your eBay experience has been. Do you love it? Been unjustly suspended? Ripped off buy a bad buyer or seller? Tell us about it!

This website is different from those that sell get back on eBay packages, offer help getting back on eBay, etc. We do not sell anything! And also do not offer advice how to get back on eBay. Either Legally or Illegally.

Personally speaking. Your probably better off being free as a seller from the online e-tailor and cyberbully. Give Amazon a try.

I sold used cars on eBay Motors and had exceptional feedback. The data dump was overrun with scams and crappy sellers. eBay couldn’t stand to hear me complain about it. It’s easy for them to shoot the messenger!

I got the eBay boot back in 2006 and bought this domain to vent. Yea it smarted when that MC999 email came blasting into my email inbox that early morning in 2006. But the shock of getting suspended wears off soon enough.

But since then i moved on and let this domain expire. Last year GoDaddy was asking big money for it at auction. Months later when they dropped it i put up $10 and registered it again thinking if GoDaddy thought it was worth $100k it might be a worthwhile investment.

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